Women = Bargain Buggers?

Most shopkeepers and vendors want to avoid dealing with lady customers. This is because they bargain very shrewdly, putting into use all the dramatics, antics and God ! that high pitched shrilly voice ! For once I don’t blame the former as I have actually found myself pitying them when they are caught up with the ladies. Truly, their work requires great skill and patience.21

Why do they do this ? THE WOMEN? Of course, If you ask them, they’d say that it’s because the seller usually tells a higher price at first. Well, wouldn’t that be because you always get him to lower it ?

I think it goes deeper than that. In most traditional setups, women run the house while men earn money. So the wife gets a limited supply of money from her husband. Now, she can not work more to earn more. But, she can work more to save more ! This is what I believe led to the development of highly advanced bargaining skill set amongst them.

I am not saying that all women are like that. Obviously, I am referring to a particular section of society here. And, I am not even saying that all women in such section are like that. In fact, I am just offering a genuine explanation for those who are. Is it really their fault?

Now, this issue may have reminded you of an aunt who has a similar habit. But in some of your cases, she might not be a part of such traditional setup but still be doing it. That’s just because she saw her mother do it, or her aunt maybe, or even a neighbour, or well, the society conveyed this message to her that women are supposed to act this way.

I am not saying that such a behaviour couldn’t be a natural tendency for some women, but I don’t believe that it’s the same for all women and I didn’t come across any credible research that suggested the same. So, I would say that it is mostly the constraints they are put in and the influence thereon that leads them to it. And, I am sure many men are thankful for it 😀 So, Stop Complaining you guys !! Do what you can to undo it, but remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Good Luck 🙂