Opinions on homosexuality range from an absolute no-no to a compulsive positive assertion of the same. One of the reasons I am writing this blog is because there are people who do feel a little in favour of the homosexuals but haven’t yet been able to cross certain socially imparted psychological barriers. I would like to share with you the first stage of my chain of thoughts and logics that led me to form my opinion as under –

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CONTENTIONS OF THE NO-NOS’                                                        

The obsession of continuing family lineage

It is taken to be a natural duty of every person in our society to have a baby, more specifically a boy (as a girl has to take up the name of her husband’s family later). It doesn’t even matter if that name is worthy of being passed on, but one must just do it. It is the unspoken rule of the society. So the first thing that saddens the parents of homosexuals in our society (as in the case of Shrinivasan) is that their son won’t do his duty of carrying forward the family name.

Quick question – Do you know who your great great great great great grand father was?


Giving birth to a son doesn’t make anyone great. A few generations down the lane, most of us are bound to be forgotten. So why the obsession ? Just live and let live !

“It is against nature/unnatural” 

What ? How ? Why ? Seriously ?

No, I did not go through any research or report that proves it to be natural, because I find that offensive and insulting.

In fact, those who assert that it is unnatural don’t themselves have any exposure to base their contention on. Or, maybe they do. Just senseless ones :

On moral / religious / historical grounds – Whether one talks about the stories of Mughal emperors or depictions on Hindu temples or the sexual exploitation of young boys by the priests, everywhere, irrespective of the religions one will find a reference to homosexuality. So, this ground stands defeated.

Majority of the people are straight – When we talk of our nation we often mention that it represents “Unity in diversity”. So we can accept religious diversity, but not a natural one ? We should be ashamed of the way trans-sexuals are treated in our society, but atleast their existence is acknowledged.

So basically eunuchs are natural but homosexuals are against nature. This just goes on to show our hypocrisy. The homosexuality of a person is obviously not as evident as transexuality. So we pressurize, even torture them to conform to the norms of the society by claiming that their true being is unnatural.

Doomsday – If given an open play field, homosexuality will spread like a disease. One day everybody might turn into a homosexual and we will have no offsprings. It’ll bring the end of human race.

Most of the no-no’s won’t bring up this contention until it becomes their last resort, that’s because even they know that it’s stupid. For the last 50 years, world population has multiplied more rapidly than ever before and they worry about the human race becoming extinct !

It’s just wrong, no explanation needed

Then there are those who don’t feel the need for an explanation. In fact, when you ask them why are they are against it, they give you the “What kind of a person are you?” look. They just believe and profess what the society dictates.


They don’t care. All they want to be is politically correct. Their stand depends upon the kind of gathering they are in. On one side I don’t blame them as much because their attitude isn’t specific to this issue, but on the other, I most certainly feel that it is better to have a faulty stand than to roll from one side of the basket to the other as per convenience.

There is still a lot more on my mind, but for now I’ll stop here. We have demolished the old frayed structure and laid down our foundation. The next step is to construct upon it, for that I will share the positive contributions and the role played by homosexuality in our society, in the next blog. Till then – Think about it !