I’ve got the power !!

I just got into a little clash with someone I love dearly. What happens with us always is that, when I get upset about something related to us, he instead of trying to mend it, either simply ignores it or himself gets angry in return. As a result, it only gets worse.  

So, most of the times I try and get over it myself. But, instead of even acknowledging that, today, he asked me to prioritize his situation over my anger. Trust me, I  do that all the time. but clearly, it hasn’t been to any avail. Suppressing my anger.

I mean, why am I even supposed to  do that ?? ..because I am a girl ?? and am supposed to take it all quietly ? .. Do I not have the right to get upset and be cheered up by someone ?? .. Am I to consider myself so lowly ? 

NO, is the answer.


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